Thursday, October 4, 2012

Keep the prayers coming!!

Romney hasn't won yet.  Although last night was definitely a victory!

And Obama isn't going to shame himself twice.  Not now that he knows his opponent's ability to crush him.  He'll come back prepared.  He'll be schooling Joe Biden for the VP Debate as well against Ryan.  But this is America's comeback team we're talking about.  Keep praying for the underdogs, I can't believe how many people are STILL planning on voting for Obama.  Say what?!?!  I can't focus on those people, I would literally drive myself insane.  I have to focus on those who are wavering, unsure, disillusioned with the way Wasthington is going.  A LOT of cynicism on Facebook today.  "It's the same old line delivered by one more man who wants to get in the White House."  I'm hearing a lot of people convinced that there is no difference between Romney and Obama (Really?!?)  Is their disillusionment coming from ignorance?  No, not necessarily.  I think there is something to that.  But how do I spin that?  How do I show that there are significant differences in key policies between these two candidates?  How do I point out these differences without polarizing people who may not want to be that extreme?

Go Romney!  You won a key battle yesterday!  But this ain't over yet...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Feast of the Guardian Angels

I love this photo.  It has very special significance to me.  My husband and I were very involved in the Presidential race in 2008.  Not only debating and speaking on behalf of the unborn, but fasting, praying, attending extra Masses, confession, the Rosary.  We knew it was a spiritual battle.  We were never closer to the Lord in our marriage than at that point in our spiritual journey.  My son (at the time 5 y.o.) started having horrendous nightmares.  He said it was a hooded figure that was chasing him in his dreams and they got worse as time went on, the being behind the cloak was a ferocious demon.  His last dream he told me that the demon had cornered him, and had pulled a sword to kill him, but then a giant man came and stood in front of him and began to fight and defend him.  My son could only stand there and yell to the man "What is your name?"  The man turned a little and yelled over his shoulder "Michael!"  I had our Pastor come out and bless the house and give my son a special blessing.  He gave my son the above picture and my son, jumping up and down, exclaimed "Mom!  Mom!  That's him!  That's the man in my dreams!"  I still get tears when I think of this most special protector...