Thursday, February 4, 2010

Latest on Superbowl "Tebow Ad" Planned Parenthood Responds!!

Olympic Medalist Al Joyner, Sean James Issue Pro-Abortion Reply to Tebow AdWashington, DC ( -- Olympic Gold Medalist Al Joyner and former NFL football player Sean James have issued a pro-abortion video in response to the forthcoming Super Bowl ad featuring the pro-life birth story of college football star Tim Tebow.
Joyner, the brother of Olympic track star Jackie Joyner-Kersee, and James, who played for the Minnesota Vikings, issued the video for Planned Parenthood -- the nation's largest abortion business.
The men focus on the "respect for women's choices" in the video, meant to promote abortion in advance of the Focus on the Family ad touting Pam Tebow's pro-life "choice" to not have one.
In the video, James refers to the Focus ad featuring the Tebows and says "I respect and honor Mrs. Tebow's decision."
"My mom showed me that women are strong and wise," James continues. "She taught me that only women can make the best decisions about their health and their future." "We're working toward the day when every woman will be valued; where every woman's decision about her health and her family will be trusted and respected," James says, talking about the push to keep abortions legal.
Joyner follows and says: "I want my daughter to live in a world where everyone's decision is respected."

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