Monday, March 22, 2010


And tell him that he's taking with him every member of the Congress that voted for his con artistry health care legislation.  That's right Obama, now you'll have over 500 people in a community to organize.  You'll have to provide them jobs, health care, and housing.  I would say that all of these cronies should stand trial in the highest courts of the land for their crimes against the Constitution, but I fear that Capital Punishment might be put on the table, and I'm not for that.  Although if anyone feels like deporting Obama back to Africa, I'll be happy to fund the boat...A one seat row boat...Have a great trip!  And his little community of corrupt politicians?  They can go too!  Start swimming!!!

And for those who may be reading this blog entry who might describe themselves as a Democrat catholic, I have one word of advice for you: take little Bart Stupak on your knee and try to teach him that the term "pro-life" never meant "protecting and preserving your own at all costs."

For any who are artistic I have a sponsorship for you.  I'd like to see a political cartoon drawn up, with Obama dancing in front of The Statue of Liberty who has her hands tied behind her back.  He's got three daggers, and She's got a dart-board over her heart.  He throws the first dagger labeled "Stimulus" and it misses.  He throws the second dagger labeled "Bailouts" and it misses.  He walks up to this Lady Liberty, and tapes a copy of the health care legislation on the bulls-eye, walks back, aims, and throws.  DIRECT HIT!!

For any business entrepreneurs out there, I've got the perfect idea.  If you take this idea, that's great!  But all products must be manufactured in the US (my only stipulation).  Make a stuffed peach (akin to, but not quite the "Haircut Peach":)  Across his chest stitch "I'm Peach Obama".  Grassroots efforts can sell these peaches for $2 each until we've enough to ship them down to Washington and line the White House lawn with them!  Or we can buy peaches from an American Orchard and label them accordingly "I'm Peach Obama" and start shipping them to the White House attn: Pres. Obama.  I'm sure with her concerns on poverty Michelle won't let them go to waste.  She can fry them up as a fritter and serve them to those poor public school children.

Alright alright, back to the Rosary for me.  But thanks for reading my vent!  But know this my fellow Americans.  This isn't just the promise of death for many of Americans citizens, her sick as well as her bound to be sick.  No this legislation signals the bell of the death toll for our entire country.  And if I sound bitter this morning, I believe I am on that very most point.


  1. Patty, regarding the bishops, I wanted to cite Robbie George in the article below, but it was written for a non-Catholic audience of economists and libertarians. You might find it (necessarily brief), and some of the links, helpful in sorting out the issues that were address in Mr. Archbold’s original article.

    PS - our daughter is a big Sarah Palin fan - even wrote her in Alaska and got an autographed picture back!

    All the best, and Lenten Cheer


    Link – “Don’t blame the Pope! :

  2. Wow! Thanks Chris! That's awesome about your daughter:) I can't wait to meet SP myself, I think I'd like to invite her for a "Playdate" as she's one lady I think I might stand a chance of getting to accept:)