Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hello there!  Sorry its been a while since I updated on Gabriella;)
Not too much to report.  I'm still pregnant, and I'm getting weary of it.  I so appreciate your prayers right now!  And know that I am praying for all of you as well.
Mike and I went to the hospital on Saturday night, but were released early Sunday morning for "failure to progress".  I've had contractions on and off since then, mostly at night, leaving both (all) of us exhausted the next morning.  And of course the kids are all wild from being on such an erratic routine (if you could call it that) and they've been going to bed later and getting up earlier (this morning we went to bed at 5:30 after a night of contractions, and the kids woke up at 6:30).  I keep having signs and symptoms of being in labor, but no baby to show for it yet.  I am humbled by the false notion of "knowing what I'm doing" as this is my 5th.  I guess its yet another lesson in humility for me.
I've got a pre-natal appointment on  Thursday.  They're going to check me and then if I've still not gone into labor naturally by then, Mike and I are discerning whether or not to let them induce me.  I didn't want another induction, and its a hard decision to make.  But I have the option of laboring hard for a day, or continuing to labor on and off for many days.  I guess its really a non-thought when measured that way.  Pray that I have the grace to accept fully God's will.  Prayer intentions would be immensely helpful at this point.  If you and your loved ones have a specific request that I could carry with me on Thursday, please leave it in the com box, and I will offer my labor for your intentions (that includes if I go into labor naturally before then of course!)


  1. Well, you know I'm praying for ya...

  2. Thursday, Oct 28 isn't such a bad day for an induction. It's the feast of Sts. Simon and Jude! :) (But, really, who wants to be induced?) Come on, St. Jude! Get on this case, please!
    Intention: (Gosh, so many to choose from. I'm going to be selfish) For a really good delivery for our baby.