Friday, February 11, 2011

Saxon Math? Apologia Science?

Okay, so here it is, decision time...

Does anyone amongst my followers use either of these programs?  What do you think?  Pros?  Cons?  Let me know???


  1. Saxon math all the way. It's the best math program out there - so I hear from other homeschoolers. And we used it when I was in high school.

    The only thing about it is that you might want to cut out some of the questions. There is a lot of review, which is good, but it can take up too much of a child's day. We would do the first 10-15 questions (all those relevant to the current lesson), then every other question after that.

  2. YES...I second the Saxon Math too. Great program. We used it all the way up until high school, and when I started grade 9 I skipped the grade 9 math altogether and went straight into grade 10.

  3. Saxon hands down. Great program, we used it to high school for three of the children. I would agree with the review - can be tedious. But that's the beauty of home schooling - do what you think they need.

  4. We use both Saxon and Apologia for the upper grades. Both are excellent programs and both have resulted in not only great test scores, but true understanding of the material covered! Our oldest two have left the nest, the two remaining are currently finishing Saxon Alg 1/ Biology and Saxon 8/7 and General Science.