Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Senator Blumenthal Responds...

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Dear Mrs. (PattyinCT),
     Thank you for your thoughtful message regarding funding for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. I appreciate hearing from you.
     As you may know, the House of Representatives recently considered legislation to fund the federal government for the remainder of the fiscal year. During the debate over the Continuing Resolution, the House approved an amendment to eliminate funding for Title X, the only federal grant program dedicated solely to providing individuals with preventive health services and comprehensive family planning.
In addition, the House approved an amendment that would deny all federal funding to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its affiliates for the rest of this fiscal year, because some Planned Parenthood health centers provide abortion services. Although long-standing federal law already prohibits federal funds from being used to pay for abortions and an estimated 90 percent of the services provided at Planned Parenthood clinics are preventive, the House-passed Continuing Resolution would eliminate all federal funding for important health care services used by millions of Americans.
     It is through the support of these federal funds that Planned Parenthood health centers offer, on an annual basis, nearly one million lifesaving screenings for cervical cancer, 830,000 breast exams, contraception to nearly 2.5 million patients, nearly four million tests and treatments for sexually transmitted infections including HIV, and education programs for nearly 1.2 million individuals. If federal funding for Planned Parenthood were eliminated, in Connecticut alone nearly 63,000 women, many of whom are uninsured, would lose access to the sole health care provider they see with any regularity.
     I have been a lifelong advocate for women's health. It is vitally important that Title X continue to be fully funded and that all health clinics, including Planned Parenthood, serving our nation’s most vulnerable women continue to have access to the funds they need to survive.
     As your Senator, I will fight to make sure that women’s health is a top priority in Congress. Even on issues where we do not agree, I will keep your thoughts in mind while reviewing legislation and voting during the 112th Congress. Please do not hesitate to continue sharing your thoughts with me.


Richard Blumenthal
United States Senator

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  1. Wow, Planned Parenthood is in spin mode. Senator Blumenthal says "some Planned Parenthood Health Centers provide abortion." I think he meant "all" instead of "some." Maybe we should send him a copy of Abby Johnson's book, Unplanned. So he can get an inside view and take his head out of the sand and feign to be ignorant!