Friday, July 15, 2011

Catholic 'Mantras'

I hate to mix it up here on theologies...But you all know what I'm meaning here.  Those Catholic 'mantras'...Those faith 'action statements'...Those 'words to live by' that become the slogans of our Faith...

For example, when I was growing up there was the bracelet campaign of "WWJD"..."What would Jesus Do?"  It was to compel us onward in our Christianity to do as Jesus would.  It wasn't until I traveled further in my Faith that I realized there was no human way for me to do that.  Jesus was God.  I most definitely am not.  And even though I can do things with the power of His name, I will never be able to completely do what Jesus did.  That start my own campaign.  Instead of "WWJD" I live by "WWJHMD"  "What would Jesus have me do?"  It's a subtle difference but its really helping my Messiah complex:)

Then there's the newer one in my life: Be like Mary.  Mary, the one who bore Christ, and surrendered everything to her Son even unto the Cross.  I can't even stand to watch my sons fall down, let alone be stretched out on a cross.  I try and fail to be Mary in my home all the time, and its created a conflict in me.  Mary was all humility, I'm constantly reminded in my struggles with pride.  But I remind my more meek stay at home Mom friends - Mary was also known to crush snakes.  She was humble, not a pushover.  In this journey I'm finding it best to say, I am definitely not Mary.  Mary was perfect.  I am not.  And that is the most humbling aspect of Mary that I've grown to love:)

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  1. And Mary is our shining example of how we should be obedient to God! When I was a little girl, I used to daydream about how I wish I was Mary, handpicked by God to be the bearer of Jesus. I don't think I ever role played it just dreamed about it :)