Friday, March 16, 2012

Detox Week

Hubby and I are on a new diet.  We are currently on Transitions, which is a meal plan that follows the glycemic index, while providing an exercise regime, and utilizing behavior modifications.  I had joined another diet group last November (and lost 24 lbs), but with the move and other factors, I realized it was too far of a commute.  I've switched to this diet in the hopes the momentum will continue.

I started a weigh loss group in my home.  We call ourselves "The Big Losers", and we have a friendly competition going.  Whoever loses the most weight at the end of 10 weeks will win $100.  The pressure is on!  Not everyone in the group is on Transitions, but a majority of us are.  We had so much fun at our first meeting (yes, I just used weight loss and fun in the same context!)  We're surrounding ourselves with support and affirmation to go out into an otherwise hostile environment when it comes to health.

This first week of Transitions, hubby and I are on detox.  We're on an all vegetable/fruit diet.  No processed foods, no protein, no caffeine, no alcohol, no grains or starches, no sugars.  When we get hungry we eat, drink, and breathe vegetables.  The first day was really hard on me, as I was detoxing from addictions not only to caffeine but to sugar and carbs as well.  It was a rough day! Tomorrow is day three.  If we feel we must re-introduce protein, we can.

Isn't it funny how Americans must deprive themselves of food so readily available and taken for granted?  How almost shameful it is that we must pay to understand how to do with less?  How to take our bloated forms and make them healthy and viable again.  Jesus forgive me, and may I continue this fast for the entire week in small reparation for my many sinful acts of gluttony.

Please keep me in your prayers as this week will end next Tuesday evening, with our first weigh in.  I've been doing fine, but after all, tomorrow is St. Patrick's day.  And has been told in the story of St. Patrick, I'm beginning to feel like those sailors did when they turned to God in desperate hunger for any food.  No, I'm not that bad, but I'm beginning to relate!


  1. Good luck with the detox... Your diet sounds so healthy. I know how bad it feels, and I am in need of going on this type of diet myself (but not until the baby is here and I am done nursing - so that may be a long time from now...) :-) Will keep you in my prayers.

  2. Congrats CatholicMom! I will keep you and that precious little one in my daily prayers, and so can't wait till he/she comes into the world!!!