Sunday, May 9, 2010

"The Fatherless and The Widow"

I've been on bed rest the past few days with vertigo from an inner ear infection.  Luckily for me I had just received my copy of "11 On My Own" by Kristin Luscia, an amazing Catholic homeschooling mother.  She pens her ordeals in raising these children as a single mom after her husband left her.  She's honest to a virtue and very humble and open about her ordeals.  This is not a recreation of the past for her, its a witness to the capitulations of the present.  This book is one source of income for her, and I ask that if you can spare it to purchase the book, or at least to request it from your local library.  And most importantly, please pray for her and her beautiful family!


  1. This is really cool, thanks Patty, I actually saw this book somewhere...forgetting where now, but now I'm thinking I will buy it!

  2. gonna look this one up. Prayers that you are well soon!