Monday, May 23, 2011

Springtime FUN!!

The first day of spring!  Yay!
So here's my quarterly report in pictures:)  I always mean to do this more often, but I just seem to run out of time in which to sit still and concentrate on one spot for any length of time...(heheheheheh...)
As warm wether approached, I tried to finish a blanket for my son.  He outgrew the baby blanket I made him;)

Some turkeys came to visit us, or just pass through...
Sharing his love of outer space with his little sister.
Using a Dr. Guarendi 'blackout' writing 50 xs "I will listen to adults". 
Enjoying Grampa's "World Famous Recipe" ribs for Mother's Day
More enjoyment...And lots of fun!!

Yes, that is "Rib faced":)
Enjoying the sunshine!

And little sister too!
First adventures in self feeding...So proud!!
How to take care of teething and feeding at the same time?FROZEN BLUEBERRIES!!

A well deserved nap:)



  1. Patty, your pictures are wonderfully entertaining. Your kids look like they're happy and playful! Love the blueberries all over your little one!!

  2. Thanks for the blueberries idea!

    Dr. Guarendi is awesome. My hubbie and I love him. The kids...not so much. I mean, I love THEM, but I don't think they love HIM. :) :) Ever since we read his books, nobody gets away with anything around here.