Monday, January 30, 2012

The best of both worlds...

Can anyone else feel the heat of this race to primaries?  I think the intensity and energy between the candidates far surpasses the primaries held before the 2008 presidential elections.

I like Newt Gingrich.  Let me just put that out there.  Newt is articulate, he has the backbone, he has presence, he speaks candidly and blithely about every issue that is at the heart of this election for me.  He is forthright and honest about his past, and while it was shady, I believe he has changed.  I hope for his Catholic soul that he has changed.

I also like Rick Santorum.  I believe that Rick Santorum would make a great president...Someday.  What I don't believe is that Rick has shown that he is consistently ready for the nod to lead out against Obama.  He is a gentlemen and a scholar.  I can't believe I'm saying this...He isn't the politician to go up against Obama.  I would love to vote for him, but I don't feel that he could secure enough of the nation to do the same.  And that is what scares me about Rick Santorum.

Ron Paul.  Where do I begin?  He is okay.  His fan base is absolutely amazing!  I wish we had that kind of love for any other candidate out there.  Boy we could sure use it.  He makes his way through every political point as the outsider.  That's refreshing.  That isn't going to work in Washington.  He's a little too isolationist for our times, we can not become a sleeping giant again, not without the Muslim world taking note.

Mitt Romney.  No way.  No how.  No sir.  No thank you.  He is a liberal in conservative clothing.  Let's just ignore for a moment the FACT that Romneycare was the script Obama's team used when crafting the national mess we find ourselves fighting state by state.  Not only does the Massachusetts mandate of health care for all state citizens strike at the heart of the civil liberties, it has ruined the Massachusetts' economy.  He not only vowed to sign into law same sex marriage, but he pushed it through almost single handidly by allowing civil unions of same sex couples even before that was written into law.  He has a long and gruelling pro death record.  No.  No.  No.

So here's my point folks.  We have some great conservative candidates out there.  Let's do all we can to rally behind those candidates so that we don't have to plug our noses and vote for "the lesser of two evils".  I'd like to point out that in 2008, a majority of voters claimed to have done just that.  And we've had 4 years of 'Destructocon' to show for it.  Let's not just look at this election as a chance to vote against Obama. Let's also build up the conservative voice, and get that man in office, so that we might have a chance to rebuild this great nation.  Let's not only look for a way to get that dupe out of office, but let's then replace him with someone who has America at heart.  Who is a true conservative.  Who will not only recognize but ABIDE by the Constitution.

And I finish by saying.  I still say that is Newt Gingrich.

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  1. I think you're right but I can't give up on Santorum yet. If I find myself punching my vote for someone other than him, I'll be doing it while weeping. Newt has the backbone for sure. That might be what we need. God help us though... what a mess potus has us in.