Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More on Haiti from a local charity here in CT

So pray for the refugees flooding into the impoverished city of Jeremie, Haiti. A Norwich, CT based Haitian Ministry is located here, and it is one of the poorest parts on the island. You can read about it here, in this front page story on The Norwich Bulletin. Its a dire situation, with people who had been living in the city of Port au Prince, returning back to their families in Jeremie. People who had already been living in slums and people who are in no way able to support such an influx of refugees. I read somewhere that this was the greatest natural devastation to hit a country least able to handle it. They need our prayers and sacrifices folks. Give them what you can?
(PS - There's a link on my blog page to donate to a local charity here in CT. All proceeds will benefit our Diocesan Haitian Ministry, please consider giving what you can.)

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