Thursday, January 28, 2010

The only thing worse than the State of our Union was the State of the Union Address

Yes, I admit I watched it last night, President Obama's release of hot air.  My husband and I sat and watched the State of the Union address while following the live feed on Catholic Vote Action, and I have to thank them for their comedic relief.  Otherwise I found Obama once again dark and depressing.

In fairness to Obama, I think he came in with pre-conceived notions of how the speech would go:

 and I think he was knocked off his game when people didn't receive him in the usual fashion.  Now President Obama is not new to uncomfortability.  Afterall, he had to sit through some State of the Union addresses that left him wiggling in his seat too.

So I think he had to resort to the usual tactics.  And this is where his hypocrasy began to get the better of me...As he's talking out one side of his mouth about "doing away with the bitter disputes of bi-partisanship" he became intent on finding new scapegoats.  He enjoyed the usual roast,

But realizing his crowd wasn't going to let him get away with it for more than a year, he turned on some new tricks.  When talking about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, he couldn't help himself in throwing some officials under the bus...But I guess under this CIC's watch, they're getting used to it.

And then, when they stop putting their hands in his pocket, Obama comes out with a sneak attack.  Although considering their recent rulings, I guess those looks of surprise on their faces were'nt really an appropriate response?

He talked briefly of the women who marched recently in Iraq to secure their rights.  I found the silence in failing to recognize the largest gathering of people in defense of life on the steps of his Supreme Court last Friday to be glaring.  But as is typical with this pro-death President let's fail to recognize the truth:

And instead, let's chase after science fiction.

My husband mentioned that he could have shortened his lengthy talk by just promising tax cuts across the board.  I wondered what would have happened if he had simply tried telling the truth...Would President Obama have bothered to show up at all then?
I'm well aware that many of my friends and family voted for this President.  Many of my fellow Catholics promised he was our "best bet" even though he was militantly pro-death.  Sadly it is estimated that 80% of our Bishops also voted for "that one".  I know their consciences are screaming at them at this point, as several voters have stepped out to express their regret.  Even then I am wary of them.  What are they regretful of?  That Obama isn't paying their mortgage?  That he isn't paying off their credit cards?  Giving them free health care yet?  Are they merely upset that he hasn't yet followed through on his campaign promises?  Or do they see the substantial effects of letting a Margaret Sanger wannabe loose on the Capitol?  Do they regret their vote as Silent no More regrets abortion?  Or do they recognize that through their actions, they have promoted abortion all over the world?  I'm not condemning, because you can't change the past.  And now, even if at best they understand the error of their ways and want to amend them, we're stuck for the next three years with a man who is attempting on every front to dismantle this nation.  There may not be a next election in which these prodigals can redeem themselves.  If I sound bitter its because many of these zealots dragged me along on this "social justice" experiment gone wrong.
And yet, last night, weary from the struggles of our economic downturn, fighting to keep my family afloat and my faith in this One Nation Under God alive, I came to listen to some form of reassurance from our "great leader".  And what did we end up with?  More of the empty lies and rhetoric, more of the name calling and villanizing, more of the promises that will not be fulfilled.  Even the spending freeze will have to wait.  Because we elected a man who does not understand the rebuplic he governs.  He does not understand the values of its citizens that he continues to try and thwart.  He does not understand this nation's vast resources, her mission inherent to her founding to be One Nation Under GOD.  That's the first time in a long time I've heard this pagan even mention God in an address.
I will continue to pray and sacrifice, and fight for the future of my nation - both for my children, and their unborn children too.  And if I could say just one thing to those who voted for him with the "best Christian intent", I guess it would best be surmised this way:


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