Friday, January 15, 2010

So as I'm struggling to get to Daily Mass I found this quote:

(Short sub-plot for you: I've been awake since about 2:30 this morning.  No particular reason, just one of those nights where I wake up and then for the life of me I can't get back to sleep!  The kids and I already missed the Daily 8:00 a.m. Mass at our Parish.  So now I'm struggling to finish schoolwork and get the kids bathed and dressed in time to make our Cathedral Noon Mass.  I am in the midst of a "Novena", preparing for the National March for Life a week from today.  I had the notion that attending Mass everyday prior to this would help me spiritually prepare for the March.  Well today, for a multitude of reasons, I am struggling to get there, as well as pondering how prudent this Novena promise I made to myself really was.  I was just about to justify reasons for not attending today's Mass, when I came upon this quote in my Novena book.)

Holy Communion is the shortest, and surest way to Heaven.  There are others, innocence for instance, but that is for little children; penance, but we are afraid of it; a generous endurance of the trials of life, but when they approach us we weep and pray to be delivered.  Once for all, beloved children, the surest, easiest, shortest way is by the Holy Eucharist.
(from Pius X)

(Epilogue: I'm going to continue my preparations for Mass.  And after reading this again, I'm going to try not to complain so much this time about my struggles, but just load them up and bring them with me to offer to our Lord.)


  1. Sigh. Pius X was SO right. God give me the strength and desire to drag my behind out of bed and get myself and two munchkins off to at least ONE weekday Mass....

  2. hahahaha! I feel your pain! Yesterday, right in the middle of consecration, my youngest son tore two Index pages completely out of the hymnal. I was taking that moment (you know? the "Mom" moment of letting the radar down so you can actually...meditate...)And then I hear the ghastly "rrrip"! Yikes!
    We get extra graces for each trial though, right? hehehe. And now my three year old boy nows how to Scotch tape a Hymnal:)