Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life Happenings...

Life is good!  Praise God!  Mike is doing incredibly well at his new company.  He has a newborn on his hands though, and his lifestyle right now reflects that:)  He's been working 18-20 hour days to get everything established, but what a blessing it is to have TOO much work to do.  Especially in this economy.

My oldest and I are going through our third quarter tests right now.  If he keeps going in this fashion, he'll be finished up with first grade by May.  I'm so excited for him!  He's done very well in this his first official year of homeschooling.  My other two boys, both in school as well, are doing excellent!  One finished his kindergarten curricula in January, and the other one will be done with Kindergarten by June.  These early years fly by, and I love how excited they become with school.

The girls are both doing great.  My little Mary is growing leaps and bounds.  She went to the Doctor yesterday who was quite impressed with her.  She is pigeon-toed, but after talking to the Doctor I'm comforted to know that some kids grow through this.  She should naturally grow out of it, and doesn't need braces or anything.  As this is a confirmation of her PCP's thoughts, I'm going to leave it at that.

My little Gabby is doing wonderfully as well.  She was 4 months old on March 1st and already has two teeth and IS CRAWLING!!  Not kidding!  She's amazing, and the kids are all amazing with her.

There is so much to be thankful for, and I can't help but praise God in this Holy time for those most precious moments with my little ones.  I have a beautiful family, and they are growing, thriving, healthy, and getting more wonderful everyday.  Thank you God for these my most special gifts.

Please know, my dear readers that I continue to pray for you all during this Holy Lententide.  


  1. You might be exaggerating a weee bit. 17 hours, tops.

  2. Sounds like a busy, happy family! Hope you all come to SD soon to visit!

  3. Hey there Cousin:) The boys ask me everyday when we can go to Granny Annie's. So if I don't keep a wary eye out, they may take off without either me or Grampa! Hahahah!

    Yup, we'll be there. We missed ya'll so much last year, that I don't think I could risk not coming again this year:)

    See you in August!!

  4. That's wonderful news Patty! Praise God!