Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Onwards and Upwards

I know we've all heard the horror stories wrought by this economy.  Whether they are friends, family, or our very selves, all around us people are losing jobs, homes, security and comfort.   How long O Lord?

Well, its happened to Mike and I.  He came home last week after 10 years at his current position to tell me the sad news.  As of this week, he's officially unemployed.  And the company he worked for?  Closing.

We had been praying.  Novena after Novena to both Sts. Therese of Liseux and Joseph for an answer.  Any answer.  We received sightings of roses, but nothing concrete.  It seemed as if the Lord was leading us just a little bit farther into the dark to both trust Him and to cling to Him just a little more.  I finally laid it all down at his feet, my breaking point being this last weekend.  Lord, you gave me this family, these beautiful children, this home.  But if you're asking for it all back, every blessing that I took for granted would continue to be mine, then...with a heavy but trusting heart, I give it all back to you.

Then the money started coming in.  The speculations and ponderings of Mike kept coming back more concrete and more positive.  A tax return here, a gift from friends there, a little cash from family here.  Farther and farther he lead us on.  Then there was the Gospel passage this last weekend..."Trust all of your needs to God.  He will not forsake you.  He cares for all that you need.  Leave the future to him." (Yes, I'm paraphrasing.)

Mike is starting his own company tomorrow. An answer to a prayer that began over a year ago.  We've moved slowly, cautiously at such a monumental concept.  But I believe that God is not only calling us to this next venture in our marriage, but that He has prepared a place for us.  I'm not going to ask for more than that He prospers the work of our hands, that we can be generous as He has been generous to us.  I do not know the end of the road, or where we will turn up.  I can say honestly that we've been praying to St. Joseph for 5 years this coming October for a better job and for a house.  It's beginning to dawn on me that this could be a combined answer to both of those prayers.  I have to wonder if when I get to Heaven I'll hear that same raspy voice that was featured in "It's a Wonderful Life" preparing Clarence for his wings job, say something to the effect of,  "I had to grant both, so that you'd give me a little peace and quiet up here!"  Time will tell...

If I can ask your prayers.  We're cautious but no longer afraid.  The road is long, but at least we know there's a desination.  And that if we continue along it, we have the ability to work towards a common goal, a common future.  I am married to the most amazing man.  And I've needed 8 years of growth to recommit to him every single day.  We've been yoked to work through our family, I trust him with my life and the lives of our children.  And now we've been called to mutually trust one another and the Lord that "the plans He has for us will give us hope and a future" in this endeavor.

St. Joseph and St. Therese (and all the rest of you my dear readers;), pray for us.


  1. What a blessed way to begin the month of Saint Joseph! Saint Joseph, patron of fathers and workers, head of the Holy Family, please pray for the success of this business.

  2. Praise God! His holy will be done in your lives! Thank you, Jesus, for granting your servants, Patty and Mike, the grace to continue to trust and love you. Please bless and protect them and their children as they step out in faith.

  3. Well Ryan and I are praying for you guys!!! And good luck to Mike to start his own buisness! if there is anything we can do for you guys just let us know, i know we are so far away in SD but you have our thoughts and prayers!!!

    Love ya Ryan and Janel

  4. Hey there cousin;) Thanks! Give everyone there a shout out for me, and tell them I can't wait to see them this summer!

  5. Hi Patty, what a journey of faith you and your husband have been on and it has led you both to a new and exciting opportunity! May God bless your husband's new business and may His blessings continue to pour down on you and your family! We walk by faith, not by sight.

  6. Also wanted to say I like your new template and header!

  7. Hi Patty,
    I offered my Mass on Sunday for your family and new business!