Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 and why we shouldn't build that Mosque

This passage is taken from The Light Weigh cookbook Building the Family Cookbook by Suzanne Fowler.

"...a date that should be the most famous in history, September 11th, 1683."  This quote is taken from Hilaire Belloc's book The Great Heresies and was written in 1938.  Hilaire Beloc was referring to the Battle of Vienna where 250,000 Turks had laid siege to Vienna, Austria.  The Islamic forces were camped outside Vienna, with a better army and artillery than the Polish Catholic forces they came to conquer.  The Polish army was under the command of the King of Poland, Jan Sobieski.  The Islamic forces outnumbered the Polish Catholic soldiers nine to one.

Pope Innocent VI realized the gravity of the situation and called for an emergency Rosary Crusade.  Every Polish soldier was given a Medal of Mary before the battle began and went into battle with the cry, "Jesus, Mary, help!  Help us!  Be at our sides!"  Miraculously, the Catholic King of Poland and his troops defeated the Turks.  This defeat was critical because it kept Islamic forces from sweeping thorugh all of Europe.  Hilaire Belloc writes, "But the peril remained, Islam was still immensely powerful and within a few marches of Austria and it was not until the Great Victory of Prince Eugene at Zenta (on September 11th) in 1697 and the capture of Belgrade that the tide really the end of the seventeenth century."

The September 11th date in 2001 was chosen because of its signficance to the Islamic world.  The East remembers what the West forgets.  These victories, which occurred less than one hundred years before the Declaration of Independence, are forgotten to us; yet they changed the course of the world forever.

Talk to your children about the heroism that has been exhibited on this date throughout history.  The Catholic King of Poland and his Polish soldiers; Prince Eugene of Zenta and his soldiers; both going up against incredible odds, armed with their weapons, but more importantly armed with their Catholic Faith! These soldiers were also protected by the prayers of thousands and thousands and thousands of people who were praying the Rosary!  Remember the heroism of St. John Gabriel Perboyre, who suffered like Christ for our Roman Catholic Faith.  He would not trample on the cross to relieve his own suffering!  Remember all of the men, women, and children who died in the September 11th attack on the United States of America in the year 2001.  Many of them died in the line of duty, others were going to work to support their families, others gave their lives in a fight to take one of the airplanes back, so it could not be used to hurt more people.  Let us learn fromt he victories of the past on this date.  The Rosary was critical to winning the battles that changed the world.  The Rosary is as critical today as it ever has been!  Please pray a Rosary today with your family; for our Faith, for the Holy Father, for the people who have died, for our country and for our enemies, that their hearts may be converted, that they too will know the love and hope of Jesus Christ!

September 11, 1649 is the date of the massacre by the English General Oliver Cromwell and his forces, in Drogheda, Ireland.  On that day three thousand men, women, and children were murdered, because they were Roman Catholics.

**Note:  The following is my thought on the above.**
I know that as an American I'm called through my Patriotic duty to be open to everyone's Constitutional rights.  And I know that this Imama Rauf is within his rights when working to build this Mosque.  He can hide behind his "inter-religious worship center" all he likes, but we all know it is what it is - a Mosque.  On the 9/11 memorial.  In the place where thousands of innocent people died.  Because of the violence of jihadists who profess his relgion.  I know I'm supposed to take all that in view before I declare judgment.  Well here's my judgment, I don't like it.  When the concentration camps of Aushwitz were declared a Jewish memorial, did Nazis come in and say that in fairness, a German National Church was going to be built to recognize the German men and women who died who were of that faith?  They wouldn't have dared.  But as Suzanne Fowler so beautifully points out "The East remembers what the West forgets."  We as a society are so quick to forget international history, that we would declaredly consider ourselves in this Nation divorced from it.  Giantly divorced and sleeping from it.  No, this Mosque is not a means of healing between the Islamic East and the Christian West.  It is an attempt to dupe a culture who so wants to be duped.  If that were not the case then why would this Mosque have any ties with the Mosque in Cordoba?  Linking those names has no sense of irony for us does it?  Look closely at this beautiful Mosque in Cordoba -

does it remind you of anything?  Yes!  Absolutely!  Our Faith!  This "Mosque" was built as a Basilica in Spain before it was ransacked, pillaged, and plundered by the Muslim invaders of Spain.  And then it was kept standing to be used as a place of victorious worship for the Islamic community there.  And yet, no one in America is batting an eye, when this "innocent" Imam is looking to call his Mosque at 9/11 "Cordoba"?  What is wrong with this country?!
Sure, the WTC was not a religious place.  But it was held as an icon in the American tradition.  Just as the Pentagon building is an icon.  Just as the White House is an icon, and it was spared thanks to the brave Americans who gave their lives to crash their plane before it was able to crash into our Nation's capital.  And yet, there's already an Islamic crescent moon in the field where those victims should have been memorialized.  Why are we giving more religious credit to the men who attacked our country, then to the Americans who were victimized on that day?
Now, I'm not into violence.  I especially approve those brave leaders of the free Islamic world who have stood up in unity with Christians and decried the Mosque being built on Ground Zero (*crickets chirping...Anyone?  Anyone?*)  I don't believe in book burnings, I'd rather see all concerned Christians pray a Rosary on this day than burn the Koran (see above for historical significance.)  But Americans can hide behind this false god of inclusivity all they want.  This war between the Eastern Islamic countries and the Western Christian countries is decidedly that.  A war on religion, a war on religious principles.  This is the main reason why a majority of Americans who are queezy at the thought of a war in Afghanistan or Iraq or any other predominately Muslim country are 'uncomfortable with the thought of war'.  Because deep down, I bet they're 'uncomfortable' with the thought of religion.  And now?  In retaliation for standing up to this creepy Imam and saying "NO!  America does not want this Mosque built!" He is slyly saying that there will be repercussions on our troops.  "Give the Islamic community its tribute to the victories of this day, or more innocent men and women will be killed by our religion!"  That was his warning...So this same religion that was the reason for so many innocent lives lost on that day, September 11th 2001, for these proclaimed jihadists who were declared heroes and martyrs for their faith by the Islamic world, is to be allowed to build a place to worship over the unknown bodies of its victims from this horrendous crime against humanity?  And if we don't see 'reason' (e.g. the reason why this Mosque should still be built) then we're Islamaphobes.  And if we don't care about name calling, and still stand against this Mosque...Then we are threatened with the truth that MORE MEN AND WOMEN WILL BE KILLED IN THE NAME OF THIS RELIGION!!!

And that's what we want America?  We want to see this Mosque built, this religion of fanaticism honored in the place where it claimed so many lives?  This is the answer for America?  Peace at any price, and we'll foot the tab?

As for me and my  house?  We're praying the Rosary today for the men and women who were killed on 9/11, as well as for the conversion of many to the love of Jesus Christ and His Church.  I wouldn't kill a Muslim if he/she didn't come to my Faith (and yes, many have been killed by being labeled as "infadels" for not converting to the Muslim faith.)  No, I would pray and sacrifice for these people, for their souls, that they come to find the Way, the Truth, and the Life...And the Sacraments.  Christ called us to pray for those who persecute us, for our enemies.  And despite our best attempts at passivism, America has enemies.  Let's pray for them, and speak out against the plans for this Mosque to be built!


  1. For better or worse, Christianity exists today not because it was pacifist, but because it fought Islam for centuries.

  2. Well...There might have been something more to it than just fighting Islam...Salvation history maybe? ;)

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