Friday, September 3, 2010

Who Says Chivalry is Dead?

So...My husband is the most romantic and chivalrous man I know...

Last night, after Hubby worked all day, he came home and finished the outside trim around our new windows (preparing for Hurricane Earl, we thought it wise to get this done).  Then he came inside, had dinner with the kids and I, went back outside to finish picking up the yard and his tools, as well as to finish one more window.  He casually mentioned he might need to run out to Home Depot for some more materials.  I jumped at the opportunity and asked if he would mind running to WalMart for me to buy me a new air mattress.

[Side story:] I am in my third trimester now (its official:), and with each pregnancy my hips become softer and softer earlier on in each pregnancy.  My husband had gotten me an air mattress in June, but it popped two nights ago.  I slept on our bed's mattress and was pretty sore the next day.  The next night I was not looking forward to another restless night on the same mattress, so when I heard he was going out, I jumped at the chance!

[Back to main story:]  I waited for Hubby to finish up in the yard, but ended up falling asleep on the couch.  He worked until midnight outside (again, mostly in preparation for the Hurricane) AND THEN he drove to our local WalMart and got me an air mattress.  He came home, blew up my mattress, made the bed, checked on the kids, woke me gently and helped me to bed in my new air mattress.  He didn't go to sleep until 1:30 this morning for taking care of his family.  And the most romantic part?  He woke up at 7:30 without complaint to head into the office for another day's work.

Sure ladies, we don't have dragons anymore.  Thanks to our modern day gutter system, most men don't have to lay down their jackets so that our hems stay clean, but chivalry is far from dead!  What a considerate, romantic, and chivalrous hunk I've married (yes, I know he's blushing right now *giggling*...)


  1. "What a considerate, romantic, and chivalrous hunk I've married (yes, I know he's blushing right now *giggling*...)"

    You forgot intelligent, gifted, brave and humble. I'm very humble.

    Now knock it off, will ya?

  2. Did he forget the pickles and ice cream? Or is that first trimester? MATTRESSES are third trimester! I have one, too. Right in the middle of the living room where I sleep when my hips and back can't take anymore of our bed. It's foam with a progressive belly cut-out so that I can actually sleep on my stomach all the way through pregnancy. I had never seen or requested such a thing but he searched and searched until he found something to help my aching back (about 5 years ago now) and shelled out the money for it. Thank God for modern day knights!

  3. Hehehe! Amen Sister!!!

    When I was pregnant with my first I remember walking into our home office with a mug of cocoa and a dill pickle...Despite his best efforts, he couldn't help but giggle at me:) But it was worth it, man it hit the spot!!! Hahahah!

  4. He's quite the helpmeet, a term I like to use in my own marriage:

  5. Hey, I thought that was my title??? Heheheh! That's awesome! He's the best person I've ever met....