Monday, September 20, 2010

Shock at the Vatican


  1. Hi aunt patty.

    um look i followed most of what this video talked about but a few things cought my attention.

    first being that people strongly entrenched in any other religion, or beleif would be apt to not listen no matter how you preach to them, in fact preaching to them would probobly further entrench them in their (need to word this carfully) misguided/missplased? beleifs. and only someone very knowledgable in all the relavent discusions that might come up would be able to succesfully change a persons mind and even then it would still come down to wethor or not that person had an open mind in the first place.

    2nd stem cell research in and of itself holds great prospects for medical science and i can't think of a reason why it is morally wrong. i understand that the harvesting of stem cells from children that have been aborted is basically if not exactly profitting from murder but their are other sources of stem cells. just not in quantity which is usefull unfortunally =(

  2. Hi Fencer;)
    You know me, the only thing I like sugar-coated are my donuts.
    I know that Michael Vorris can be a bit caustic in his video links. I've posted a few here, as I follow his blog faithfully. It's what he says, the truth he puts forward, rather than the way he presents it that I'm attracted to. And when you're on the road to right reason, you don't care so much about the pretty wrappings on the truth, just the gift that it has in store for you. I've learned in my road to conversion that people ,yes, are entrenched, that's a good word for it! And yet, the people who most touched my heart to seek the truth of Christ and His Bride, the Roman Catholic Church, were those who humbly and yet unapologetically taught AND LIVED the Faith.

    Also, stem cell research is the future of scientific research and medical healing and technology. The Church is a major advocate for stem cell research. They don't oppose these advancements. They do oppose as you stated, EMBRYONIC stem cell research. If you study this path of science, you'll see that it is a dead end, more science fiction than medical advancement. None of the tests done using lines from embryonic stem cells have proven beneficial in the least. However, adult lines have shown to be very promising, and most of the research behind this stem cell research is not only morally legitimate, but scientifically and medically legitimate as well. People who advocate embryonic stem cell research are at the root trying to justify abortion - same pro-death stance of kill on demand. This time in the name of science, but its the same nonetheless. But you've already pointed that out.

    Thanks for posting. It's nice to know you check in on me once in a while:)
    Aunt Patty