Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Homosexual "Marriage"

"Male and female he created them...And God blessed them saying,  "Be fruitful and multiply.  Fill the earth and subdue it..."

So this month, I am overwhelmed with the outpouring of support for this strange concept to me "Gay Pride".  Pride?  For what?  One's sexuality?  Isn't that a curious concept?

I'd love to sit here and tell you that I'm "one of the good guys".  That gay "marriage" doesn't bother me, and I could get a lot of empathetic pats on the back, and the carryings on...But there will not and can not ever be a term known to man as "gay 'marriage'".  Not because men have decided to take it upon themselves to recreate and redesign all of civilization.  But because by our very  human natures, such a union could never exist.  And the fact that there is an overwhelming force in America this month trying to play God makes me downright uncomfortable.

Maybe its my history.  I've been friends with all sorts of people.  Really.  Who in America hasn't?  It's why we love Heinz Ketchup...57 varieties...Because we're all mutts.  We all interact, and intermingle.  And that's one of the social constructs that makes us a great nation.  Our diversity.

But we also have rights in this nation.  The right of the individual shall always be kept in mind.  This is a very Christian concept, and it lies in our Constitution.  Many of our nation's founding fathers enforced this right of the individual based on their experience of tyranny.  I have the right as an individual to say that, according to my belief and custom, homosexuality (e.g. the act of homosexual intercourse) is immoral and can endanger the souls of all who support or take part in it.  I have the right to say that, and to believe it, and to live by that belief.

Well now there's a group.  A group of supposed victims.  A group of supposed outcasts.  Who say that I don't have the right to believe that.  That in order to believe what I do, that I am nothing but a bigot.  And they're going to enforce their right to "marry" so that I can no longer hold that belief.  They're not only trying to take away the basis of civilization that is marriage.  They're trying to overthrow the natural law for which my individual rights are based upon.  And they're redefining the meanings of words, namely "marriage" and "bigot".  I am not a bigot for believing what I believe.  I have never hated a homosexual.  I have never been intolerant of a homosexual.  As a matter of fact, there is no legal way for any American to be a bigot to any homosexual.  That's bunk.  If homosexuals in this country think that Americans are unfair, prejudiced, bigots, maybe they should spend some time in a Muslim nation?  Maybe they should re-read what happened to homosexuals in the Nazi era, under Hitler?  It's propoganda.  The first thing the "gay rights" crowd understood was that, in order to get their way, they have to make people understand that they are victims.  That the people who don't understand them are intolerant.  Bunk.

Homosexuality is a psychological disorder.  It is a disordered sexuality.  And the people that suffer from it, suffer from psychological issues.  I know the A.P.A. was bought out a few years ago.  But again, we can change the very Bible itself, but that will not change the truth.  The Truth.

I'm jaded.  I admit it.  I had family members across the spectrum in this issue.  I had a close family member who was molested and almost raped by a homosexual while he was serving in the military.  It haunts me to this day that someone would violate a person whom I love so much.  Would we say that a rapist has a healthy psychological grasp on their sexuality?  No.  And this person who was psychologically ill was a homosexual.  I had another family member who "decided she was gay".  When I confronted her in a letter on the relationship she was having with another woman, she betrayed me to her lover.  This woman, after reading my letter, flew into a rage and threatened to kill me and my then newborn son.  This family member that had betrayed me, had to call me and confess what she had done in order to protect me, for she had seen the handgun her lover had concealed from her up to this point in the relationship.  Did this woman have a healthy grasp on her sexuality?  No.  And this woman was a homosexual.

Now, those are two isolated incidents.  One would like to think that homosexuals in general are well adjusted members of society.  Tell that to the supporters of Proposition 8 in California a few years ago.  Those people whose names were found out as donors and received death threats every day from homosexual groups.  Those people whose book of Mormon were burned on their temple steps.  Those people who were held hostage at gunpoint during Church so that homosexuals could take over the homily and preach about "tolerance".   What about the people who were rallying in support of marriage at NOM?  They were bullied and harrassed, and gay rights activists threatened to abduct children from their mothers, terrifying both the women and children who were out to defend the family.  These people sound like rational, well adjusted, members of society?

In the United States, it is not illegal for homosexuals to engage in whatever activities they feel they are compelled to do.  No one can say boo about it, regardless on one's stance on it.  But pushing homosexual "marriage" to the forefront of the "gay rights" issue forces all of us to stand for or to betray our religious beliefs.  In pushing a group's "right to marry", it impinges upon my right to practice my religious beliefs.  How?  Because as soon as I say that marriage should be between one man and one woman, I'm silenced.  It happened to Miss USA last year.  It happened during Michelle Bachman's response at the GOP debate.  And these are enormously powerful women.  And they have been silenced.  Does everyone have the right to health care?  Absolutely.  Does everyone have the right to enter into a relationship?  Absolutely.  But marriage is a public commitment to one man or one woman for life.  And I, as a dissenting member of that public, can not and will not give my support to an illicit marriage.  And its for people like me that the gay rights group is pushing for nothing more than "the right to 'marry'".

We all have a dignity.  We all have a worth.  We all have the opportunity for grace.  Homosexuals have a very special call from the Lord.  A terrible cross, and yet a most blessed one.  God calls them to this cross to bear witness of the sacrificial love He intended for us all.  Homosexuals, by their very persons, are not sinners. Another great weapon that the "gay rights" group uses specifically against the Church is the blurred line of distinction between homosexuals and their actions.  Every person is loved into existence by God.  That makes them of immense value, and not a sinner.  Every person, through the gift of free will, has the potential to sin.  Homosexuals, like every other person, have the choice before them always.  To offer up their sexuality to the Lord to do with it as He wills.  Or to engage in acts that are not pleasing to the Lord, not life giving, and sinful. If you sense a common theme there, you're right on.  We all have that same choice within us, regardless of our sexual orientation.  The gay rights movement, in their cunning, have seized upon a moment in history when sex has been so divorced from its proper context that it can be used by anyone, anytime.   Lots of people have this concept wrong, and have abused themselves and one another mightily through the terrible, beautiful, and powerful tool that sex is.  Sex is meant for marriage.  It is the consummation of marriage.  It is the sacramental of this great lay sacrament.  This means that homosexuals can never engage in sex.  This also means that Priests can never engage in sex.  This also means that Religious can never engage in sex.  This also means that people who are not married can never engage in sex.  Homosexuals who embrace God's call and will for their lives can be a powerful testimony to the chaste love of God for the world.  The Church is needed, now more than ever, to be a sign and source for these individuals through the witness of Holy Vocations in all walks of life.  And that means that it is only through the Church that sex can be held in its proper place, within the context of Holy Marriages.

It is not a mistake on the part of Her enemies that the Church's view of sex and namely marriage is being battled against.  It is not a mistake that many want to make the Church's view of marriage to be arcane and burdensome rather than the building block of society.  It is not a mistake that our great society stands on the brink and we are being pulled ever closer to that edge...

"A man shall leave his mother and a woman leave her home and they shall cleave to one another and become one spirit, one flesh..."


  1. Thank you for taking the time and having the courage to write this. It is all true. Thanks for not being bullied into silence. God bless.

  2. Excellent commentary Patty! This is such a contentious issue everywhere...and since the media is on the "gay-rights" side, we are now seeing the "token gay guy/gal" in every movie, tv show and even commercial (here in Canada) so as to get us all used to the idea that homosexuals deserve to be 'married' and those who don't support them are haters and violent bigots (when in fact it's the other way around - as you have personal experience with!!). It's so subtle when we're bombarded with images on tv...yet oh so important to make sure we are not lulled into acquiescence with 'gay marriage'! Thanks again!

  3. He made them, male and female, He made them...and for procreative love. Yes, thank you for speaking out in courage and fidelity.

  4. I feel that one could never bully you Patty into silence! You have great courage to cover this hot topic of our current times. And I agree that our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, have a special cross to carry for these inclinations and they must resist them. None of us are allowed to go against God's Word without committing sin. We as humans, can not decide to change God's Word to fit our desires. We are not God and He knows what He is doing when he made man and woman. We must trust him on this.

    Did you hear about Fr. Corapi? I blogged about it today and I pray, his decision to step down as a priest is following God's will and not his own.