Monday, June 27, 2011

My prayer for New York

I saw this on my friend Melody's site "Blossoming Joy" and I feel that it is timely to see New York embraced by the Eucharist.  May we continue to make reparations to our Lord for the blasphemy committed there this past weekend.  Gay "marriage" could never be more flaunted in His face as a rupture of man, woman, and God.  Please God heal our nation.  Please God do not leave us orphaned in your wrath.


  1. Visiting from rosarymom. Blessings to you!


  2. O, Patty...what times we live in....

    Sometimes I feel hopeless that there will be a Christian/ Catholic future for our country.

  3. Patty, this video is so powerful that I felt chills and teared up. I viewed it as a sign of hope for our nation. I pray that those who saw the procession saw Jesus and have changed. New York desperately needs our prayers that God does not remove His protective from them and from our nation!

    Patty~ you are always right on target with what's happening in our world. I feel blessed and encouraged when I read your blog!