Monday, June 27, 2011

Women are hurt the most by feminism

So there it is.  Michelle Bachmann is all over the internet.  And by most liberals, she's being trashed.  Vehemently railed against by so called "women's rights groups" amongst others.

I focus on women's rights groups for the most obvious reasons.  Isn't she a woman?  And yet, feminists are accusing her of being "bashed over the head one too many times" or claiming that "she should be".  Where's the outrage at this violence against a woman?  Hypocrites.

You see, the real problem with feminists is that they don't really want to be women.  The liberal mindset of the feminist movement means that most women should be men.  That's why their mantra is "power to the pant suit", because they can dress as a man.  (Bachmann looked stunning in her modest skirt at the GOP primary, btw, imho.)  They chop their hair, again, to emulate a man.  They have abortions so that, as a man, they don't have to bear children.  They work as hard as they can at their employment, and spend as little time in the home, the same as their husbands.  They support men like Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner for their sexual prowess.  No mention of the women these men exploited.  The biggest problem with feminism today is that it teaches women not how to be better women.  It teaches women how to become more like men.

And women who are just that, are the most hurt by these fakes.

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  1. Amen to that. It even teaches young girls not to embrace their femininity as they mature into adulthood. Trying to change what God has done will never work out for the good of people.