Wednesday, January 19, 2011

God's Timing

I love God.  That's no lie.  That's no secret.  But how great is His Divine Timing?

Don't you find it incredible to the point of prophetic that our National Right to Life March in Washington D.C., the same March that last year drew over 300,000 people to the capital to march on the Supreme Court...That this same March is happening con-currently with the visit of China's president, whose name will not be mentioned???

Everyone who reads my blog, or the excellent postings by Steven Mosher, knows that China has the largest forced population control in the world, and that China is the largest abortion giant in our bloody history.  Part of the reason why the United Nations continues to fund their efforts (same ideologies).  God is good!  And I hope that our example makes him angry.  That the communist gets mad at our Freedom of Speech for the Freedom of Life.  I also hope that our spineless president doesn't try to contain our efforts in the attempt to please our new master (considering how much of our debt is owned by China, we are endentured servants to this godless communist country.)  Well let him fume.  We're still a democracy.  At least this week.

I'm continuing to pray for all of you on the March...Maybe one or two of you might find a picture of this so called world leader and post it next to our own national messiah (a.k.a. what was once called the POTUS).  It might just bring the point home...Life is sacred, for those who believe in sacred.

Here's a video by Steven Mosher:

PRI Intro from Population Research Institute on Vimeo.


  1. I just love how you always pull your punches.

  2. NICE one Patty! I just heard about what a "gaff" a certain Chinese president's last visit was...and I thought, 'boy is he in for a treat this time around!!'.

    Ahh, the Lord never stops trying to change the hearts of his people.