Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday's Biggest Loser Report

This week went well.  I lost 6 and a half pounds!  Yay!  Want to know what that looks like?
6.5 lbs of baking goods:)

It was my honeymoon week.  I didn't really have to focus on what I was eating, just focus on eating more in moderation.  I am in a hard spot to start dieting.  I have a newborn baby who is nursing, so I have to be careful in my caloric consumption not to cut back too much to the point that I jeopardize her milk.  Also, in having a newborn I don't have the chance during the day to record what I'm eating, when I'm eating, and how many total calories I've consumed, etc.  The one aspect that I really appreciated most on The Light Weigh diet program was that there was no measuring, no calorie counting.  Everytime you got hungry, you ate.  It was really that simple.  It helped you to acheive moderation by limiting that meal to one coffee cup full.  That's right, every time you got hungry you had to "mug it".  I was never good at this diet though in that it was too easy to "cheat" and I didn't have enough discipline to really stick to it for long.  I did well on Weight Watchers before I was married.  I lost over 40 lbs the first time I was on it.  But the system again right now is not realistic.  I don't have the chance to record everything that I ate, nor to carry around that little notebook that was my constant companion before I was married.

So my goal is to combine these two diets that worked so well, and have great principles.  I'm going to work to listen to my body and to eat only when I'm hungry.  I'm not going to shoot for the "points program" like WW, but I will make every conscious effort to eat a well balanced diet as per the food guide pyramid.  I did well with this aspect this past week.  I found there were two dangerous times for me to eat thoughtlessly - when I was stressed and when I was tired.  I blew it twice this past week and both times it was because I was either stressed, tired, or both.  I'd like to get a handle on my diet and then to start exercising.  I'm hopeful that regular exercise will help me regain my energy and to put a better perspective on those issues that I find stressful.

So that's been my week in a nutshell:)  I'm excited about the snow day we're looking at tomorrow, enjoying some down time with my family.  Please know that you're in my thoughts and prayers as we continue this journey!

Gabby at 2 mos 10 days old, yes I picked the onesie!


  1. Congratulations! Six pounds is something to celebrate!

    (and the snow day is pretty cool, too!)

  2. Thanks Melody! I was able to read your goals too, on your blog last night. You're in my prayers as you seek to live a more healthy lifestyle:)

  3. Praise be to God! You're one step closer to your goal. Enjoy the journey.