Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday's Biggest Loser Report

Hey Everyone!
Well, I lost 1.5 lbs this week.  Pretty good for me, enough to keep the momentum going.

Here's my shameless plug of the week.  Mike and I started eating Wanchi Ferry Chinese food.  We prefer the frozen dinners, but they're more expensive and more fattening then the box dinners.  But for those Chinese food lovers out there, this hits the spot.  My favorite box dinner that they have is Kung Po Chicken!  Yummy!

So I'm figuring out what to do about exercise.  A gym membership...Haha!  Yeah right, way too expensive!  Plus I don't have the time to go by myself.  An exercise class might be more up my alley, but again, its not in the budget yet.  Well...It occurred to me as I was pondering this morning over what to do about this problem.  Gabby is just starting to take to her exersaucer and Bumbo seat.  She sits and stands in either of these contraptions for about 10 minutes apiece.  Well, I remember reading that you don't have to exercise straight through your 30 minute daily goal to acheive it.  Exercising in spurts works too.  Bingo!  I get her in there, and get on my bike.  There's my exercise.  And then, when we shovel out this spring, I hope to take the kids for some bike rides (my older ones can bike themselves, and the girls can use the cart...Man!  What a workout that is!)  There we go.

Sorry this is short, but I want to keep you posted.  I'm battling a major head cold tonight so I'm going offline for the evening.  Keeping everyone in my prayers!


  1. You're assuming you'll be able to shovel this spring. I've seen the news. You guys are buried until at least May! :)

  2. LOL! We're getting more tomorrow supposedly.

    Should I start singing "It's beginning to look a lot like Canada"??? Hahahahah!