Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So we ended up with a few flurries...

Mike stopped measuring at 2 feet!  LOL!

What a beautiful day for the family though.  I love snow days.  It's God's invite for us back to the Garden of Eden.  We take the day off from school, Mike stays home from work, we relax and enjoy...And well...The rest can be seen in pictures:)

Working to build the Island of Sodor

A kickboxing clown!  So fun!

So Pretty!

Mike's greatest find: a snowblower!  Under mounds of snow!

There are two layers of snow here, making it well over 3' deep.

Everyone came in to warm up with cocoa.

Everyone that is, except the diehard snow fans!

We broke into Christmas presents, here unearthing dinosaur fossils.

Snuggling for a Netflix

Trying out the new to her exersaucer:)

Some chose hibernation...

We found a T-Rex!!

We all enjoyed some snow cream (see previous post)

Yes, it was as good as she made it look!

Just what he needed after a hard day's nap:)

Helping himself to some more...

This mound covers what was once Mike's car!

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