Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In Honor of Roe v. Wade: A Catholic Perspective

Please, please, please...If you do nothing else for me this week...

Read this article.

I was supposed to write the third edition of my trilogy on Humane Vitae, well this author, Peter Kreeft who wrote the article above says everything I wanted to say in a much more articulate manner.  I'll leave it to him. (H/T Mike from Exultet...Thanks Honey:) I know its long, but if you understand the Catholic pro life movement, this about sums it up for all of us I think...

I have been struggling with the fact that Mike and I aren't able to go to the March for Life in D.C. this year.  Even with God's abundant grace to get there, we just can't get it in the budget to get there.  Reading this article became a form of prayer for me, and it helped me to understand that we have a lot more work to do than to just head down to Washington D.C. every year.  I don't underestimate that in the least, and I'm with all of you in spirit on your Pilgrimage praying in reparation for the bloodbath of America.  I would ask that if there are any who would like to unite themselves in prayer to the movement, please, please, please read the above article.

And yes, if I had the means, I would print it out and send it to everyone of my Catholic friends!  Hahahah!  But I have Blogger, right?


  1. Great post Patty. Thanks! We are in the same boat this year as far as the March goes. Being so close to having the baby we felt it was better to stay close to home at this time. Although I would love nothing more than to be there marching. We'll be at home praying. Watching on EWTN!

  2. Your body right now is emanating pro life Dawn! You are doing exactly what everyone in Washington D.C. is marching for. You're being a safe harbor for unborn life, which every single person down is advocating for. Praise God for your witness!

    Praying for you, and keep us posted???