Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday's Biggest Loser Report

I lost 2 more pounds this week!  Make that a *drumroll please* total of 10 pounds!  Yay!

There have been ups and downs this week.  And I realized today most importantly that I can't gague my weight lost on how I'm feeling.  I thought for sure this week had been a gain, or anything but a loss.  Nope, I lost.  God is good.

I started exercising today.  I'm feeling stressed out, low down, anxious, and grouchy.  I was heading towards that gallon of ginger snap ice cream in the freezer and I decided...Try exercising first.  So I popped on the bike for 20 minutes.  My legs are numb, my butt hurts.  But my munchies are gone and my mood is improved.  Aw, the benefits of exercising!  They're coming back to me...

Thank you for your prayers.  I feel good about the future.  So excited by my newfound energy levels.  About seeing my cheekbones again:)

I'll keep you posted!  Literally!  Next Monday I'm joining a woman's group that is meeting once a month.  A support/prayer group to help members achieve their goals.  This one is mine:)


  1. Great job, Patty! Keep going! Do NOT give up! You will not always feel up to the challenge but I know you can keep fighting. Ten pounds is awesome!

    Also...Throw out the ginger snap ice cream!!! That is no joke! And don't buy any more until you know it's not going to be an obstacle. :)

    All for Jesus through Mary!

  2. Oh girl I know how you feel. I can't wait to be sore! I actually get jealous watching the hubby run on the treadmill and I hate running. The stress relief of working out is what I am really looking forward to. I tried to do some stuff on the Wii..but this baby is hanging low. I just can't move right. Soon enough. Keep going strong! You are in my prayers! May the fat melt away like butter on hot toast..oh wait a minute..that sounds good. :)

  3. LOL Dawn! Keep us posted on the baby, and know we're praying for you...

    Melody, I'm throwing it out...right after this bowl:(...Heheheh...Going...Going...Gone (and I'm doing this in front of Hubby...Watch him scream!)

  4. Okay, he didn't scream...He just blinked at me blankly...I stuttered "Melody told me to"...He grittingly said "Darn it! She had to bring Jesus in".
    Thanks Melody, we won:)